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Love Center Deliverance Ministry was birthed in the heart of Bishop Frankie Carmichael during his Evangelistic Ministry. In 1988, he was ordained Elder and one year later, Bishop accepted the call and office of Pastor. Bishop Frankie and his wife Dr. Kim founded Love Center Deliverance Ministry in Hamden, Connecticut in 1989, thirty-four years ago. 


The initial services were small and intimate. Prayer was held in their home and bible study at Co-Pastor Eldress Helen Little’s home. Pastors used what they had until a space opened up at Immanuel Baptist small chapel. They began to have Sunday worship service at the small chapel from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The small chapel soon could not hold the people so the Pastors and their business consultant Mary Suitt searched for a building of their own.

When the church moved to the new building, there were fifty members, the Lord told the Pastors to put out an extra hundred chairs and He would fill them. Always obedient Bishop Frankie and Dr. Kim did not waiver in doing what God had instructed. The additional chairs were filled the next Sunday after they were set up.  During the next seven years, the ministry thrived and outgrew 295 Treadwell Street. It was time to move but this time it was also time to own. Pastors shared the vision with the congregation and they gave out of their abundance, having faith that God would give the increase. In 1997 Love Center Deliverance Ministry became the owners of 19 George Street, our current edifice. God gave this building to Dr. Kim in a vision; as she described what she saw, the sconces on the walls, the chandeliers down the aisle, the blue carpet, the horseshoe pulpit and the initials in the foyer, many did not believe it was possible but we purchased the building  “It Came To Past”.  We marched from 295 Treadwell Street, to 19 George Street, Hamden, CT singing “We’ve Come This Far By Faith”.


The ministry has grown and gone through tremendous transformations throughout the past thirty-four years, the congregation has increased and we are now known as Kingdom Love Center Ministries.

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