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Bishop Frankie L. Carmichael is the perfect example of what it means to be God’s servant. He has an unparalleled love for people and he places Christ first in every aspect of his life. God began using Bishop Frankie who is born to a large family of singers and musicians from the age of nine as a psalmist.  He has sung all over the country and has accompanied such esteemed artists as the late James Moore, Twinkie Clark, the late Timothy Wright, and Kim Burrell.


As a young man, Bishop accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and received the Holy Ghost in 1977.  He served under the leadership of Apostle Hugh Carmichael as the Pastor’s adjutant and praise leader.  During that time, he was named as the National Devotional Leader and Minister of Music for the Body of Christ Assemblies. He was a faithful member there when he met and married his wife of thirty-five consecutive years, Dr.  Kim Carmichael.  They are the proud parts of two married children, Mr. PJ (Chante) Carmichael and Mrs. Me’Shea (Maurice) Marks. They have been blessed to become grandparents and well as spiritual parents to hundreds. 


In August of 1987 Pastor Frankie was lead of the Lord to join a new fellowship, the Holy Ghost Deliverance Movement under the leadership of Bishop Ocie Gorham.  There he was named overseer of the Youth Department and General President of the entire Holy Ghost Deliverance Movement. 


In 1988 Pastor was ordained as Elder and one year later he was called into the office of a Pastor.  Bishop and Dr.  Kim founded Love Center Deliverance Ministries in Hamden, Connecticut, twenty-five years ago.  With direction from the Lord and a commitment to excellence, Bishop and Dr. Kim have led Kingdom Love Center Ministries to becoming one of the most dynamic ministries of the east Coast.  Kingdom Love Center Ministries is the ministry everyone is talking about!


Bishop Carmichael’s primary joy, besides his love for Jesus and his wife, children and grandchildren, is singing.  He has released his first CD “Another Love” and is currently working on a new project, look for it soon!

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