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Righteous Anointed Women


July 21st, 2023 - July 23rd, 2023
History of R.A.W.

R.A.W. provides a safe, empowering environment for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together in faith, to share their stories and experiences, to grow spiritually, and to be nurtured in their faith and ministry. The conference offers seminars, workshops, and activities to help women to discover their purpose and potential, and to become empowered leaders in their churches and communities. RAW also provides mentorship and leadership training, spiritual guidance, and support for becoming active members of the church community. By attending RAW, women have access to resources and tools to help them make an impact in their churches, communities, and families.


Kingdom Night Out

Previously Known As
"Girl's Night Out"

Being that this is a woman's empowerment seminar, we often have a night of fun as well. Our "Girls Night Out" is a tradition to let loose from the norms of being uptight and so poised to letting your hair down and enjoying the presence of GOD and others. We have a great time with fellowship, games, and so much more. 


This year we have decided to step it up and invite the Men to join us as we have a Gala to celebrate 30 years of the R.A.W. conference together. Come out for a night to celebrate a phenomemal move of GOD that has transformed the lives of many over the past years. 

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